Thursday, October 3, 2013


The Shellfish Place

This was amazing. This shellfsh restaurant is just a few blocks from my apartment. It was "rammed" when we got there, because it's a very popular local place. Split six ways, it was only about 9,000 won ($8.00) for the whole meal, which included soup, cheese and corn (pictured above), and the pile of shellfish, shrimp, and octopus (also pictured above). Can't figure out the cheese and corn. 

Market Area just off Walking Street 

This is a view of the "market" area on walking street. Jam packed with Koreans on plastic chairs at 11:00PM on a week night. It's a really great place to get Korean eats. 

Ddeokbokki (쫄볶이) -- pounded rice

My new co-teacher and I were returning from Suwon and she spontaneously stoped at two different food stands. First, we ate these really delicious meat buns, called mandu (dumplings), which were a familiar tasty. No picture because I scarfed them down. Steamed, they don't look like much - they're this pasty white color - but do they ever pack the flavor. I think they come in chicken and beef and are Western-texture friendly. At the second stop we got ddeokbokki (쫄볶이) pictured above. Really popular in Korea, whole restaurants are dedicated to making only this dish. I believe it's some kind of pounded rice. Packaged to-go and eaten with noodles and a glass of milk handy, I enjoyed it. 

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