Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Feed Me: More on Korean School Lunch

I will never stop talking about how much I love school lunches. Over winter break, I like to think of them as the cold lunch version - still fabulous but usually served cold. There are less of us here (about 30-35 students and 7 to 8 teachers), which means two things: more time to eat and I get seconds :D Though, the teachers that make and serve the food have noticed my appetite and load my plate so full of Korean deliciousness, I am usually too full to go up for more. It's been so nice eating and talking with a smaller set of students and teachers -- I am so thankful!

Eating at school always leaves me craving Korean food at home, and I've slowly started incorporating Korean eats into my home life. One of the second grade teachers, my self-proclaimed Korean mom, regularly gives me a batch of homemade kimchi. It is SO good. 

Can you guess which one I made at home? :) 


  1. Did you make the top-right one?? Looks good!
    So great that you got lunches at school during break. I wasn't as lucky, so this past week was amazing after going a month without -- so thankful for my Korean school lunches!