Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 0: Badger Blogging Blitz

It's a Badger Blogging Blitz! Starting tomorrow, five fellow Badgers and I will blog every day for week, responding to the same questions about our lives in South Korea. I'm very excited to be part of this group of bloggers, as well as our larger group of University of Wisconsin-Madison alumni teaching English in Korea, because their experiences, thoughts, opinions, and theories - conversations with them - have been a huge source of support while living in Korea.

My goals for BBB are to provide more details on perhaps the more mundane aspects of my life in Icheon, South Korea (home of rice, ceramics, and peaches in the summer). If you have any additional questions, please do send me an email or leave a comment on this blog! If you have any questions you'd like the whole BBB gang to address, we are looking for reader questions for Day 6 and 7, so please don't hesitate! 

To be included in every BBB post:
1. Answers (to the two pre-determined daily questions)
2. A recap of the current day

Badger Blogging Blitz (BBB) 2014:
Ashley Wendorf: ...meanwhile in Korea...
Vicky Lee: Outside the Pyxis
Maggie Flamingo: The Traveling Flamingo
Drew Binsky: The Hungry Partier


  1. I like what you included about our UW group supporting each other -- so true. Great pictures! BBB here we go!

  2. Looking forward to more posts! Love the pictures too :)

  3. Thank you! I'm very excited to read all the BBB posts! Wooo!!