Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nov. Soundtrack

Quick before the month ends, here is my November soundtrack. I've always been very much in my own head and the year in Korea especially. The lyrics and and phrases struck me this month.

Courtesy of Pinterest scourings

I have a growing liking for Taylor Swift. I like her new album and the way her music has grown and matured as she has. I feel a secret happiness that we are around the same age and that her albums could and, let's face it, probably will continue to appeal to me. I like her current outlook on love and life, as well as her ability to respond to sticky interviewers. 

"Wildest Dreams" to me is another expression of an idea I have about people -- I love meeting new, interesting people but I get anxious very quickly about possible relationships. One of my favorite lines along the same line, "Now that I've met you / would you object to / never seeing each other again" is from Aimee Mann's "DEATHLY", which haunts and comforts. I first heard in Magnolia (1999). 

And finally, HERE IS A GOOD REVIEW OF HER NEW ALBUM "1989" by Pop Culture Happy Hour's Stephen Thompson and Jacob Ganz.

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