Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015 Resolutions

It's the new year, a blank slate of mind. My resolutions for the next year have a lot to do with figuring out what's next and also with how to keep that motivation going to figure out what is next. After a year in Korea, something that has long been in the back of my head but is now strangely (surreal-ly) in the past, I came to certain realizations about what I want out of work and my life and what I do not want to handle in a workplace ever again. Certain compromises and it takes time in mind, here are my 2015 thoughts:

1. Follow a recipe and cook, bake, chef-it-up once every month or so. Maybe this will turn into taking a cooking class or pulling a blogging stunt and cooking through a cookbook.

2. Read more and often. Thanks to Goodreads and online booking/placing holds through my local library, I'm already better tracking the books I see and read about and am interested in, and I am reading them. 

3. Tone down device and social media usage (aka unplug more and more). No alerts from text messages or apps. No Facebook app on my phone. Small measures I have taken to make face-to-face interactions more a priority. 

4. Finish that portfolio box and make that artist book I've had on my agenda for a couple of years now. I sometimes fall into that fantasy that if only I met the right person to motivate me, I'd be successful. 

5. Relax and feel free to be silly. Being home, I've been more my goofy self. I miss her. Goofy me needs to make an appearance out there, outside. 

6. Send mail and reconnect to old friends. Let more of the people who have positively impacted me know how much small actions and gestures have meant to me. Work on the relationships in my life now. Talk, explain, converse, apologize, argue, find solutions. 

7. Keep working towards shaking the disappointment I feel about being introverted. Stop using my alone time to think about who I should be hanging out with instead of myself. 

8. Finding non-nine-to-five work. Working in Korea for a year, forty-hours a week, at a desk, in a workplace killed me softly. Money is not the goal. Freedom and creativity, working with my hands and eyes, are. Fill out those applications each week. Go get it, girl, the non-nine-to-five week is waiting.

9. Be hopeful and remember that it is okay to get excited and feel passionate about something Stupid. I got a little rough around the edges, angry, and disheartened about things over the past few years. I've gotten too close to What's the point? The freedom I have to Do and Dream.


Happy New Year!!
Let's make 2015 the best yet ^^

We have the powerrrr.


  1. I love your happy resolutions and their accompanying photos! If you ever want to cook or bake with a bud, call me up! ^^

    2015 is going to be a great year! Let's get it!

    1. Thank you, Rebe! I was maybe thinking of taking a class in Madison - I will definitely let you know :)

      2015 wooooo, we can do it.