Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Blog Carnival Master: New & Inspired Ideas of Home Comforts

It is my pleasure to be hosting this month's Reach to Teach | Teach Abroad Blog’s monthly "Blog Carnival."

Each month, a blogger-teacher-traveler hosts and asks a question, which is voluntarily answered by interested bloggers. Published by the fifth of each month by the host on their blog, the Blog Carnival focuses on advice and helpful tips for ESL teachers. If you'd like to contribute to next month's Blog Carnival, please do contact Dean at dean@reachtoteachrecruiting.com - it is a very welcoming process.

Here is this month's topic:
How has living in a foreign country changed your idea of home comforts? 
[NOTES: Feel free to talk about what aspects of living in a new place - such as your living quarters, the culture in your city, the food in your city, etc. - you liked the most.]

RTT Teach Abroad Blog Carnival

Bloggers this month:

Holly Beddome | Adventures With Holly
Going abroad is almost guaranteed to shake up a traveler’s perspective of how they live. Being exposed to new ideas and how so many people get by with less can be a powerful lesson in what we truly need to be happy.


Stephanie Boedecker | Yogi Footprints
"Creature Comforts"
Living and traveling through foreign countries is guaranteed to teach you a little bit about yourself, introduce you to new people, foods and cultures. While living through new experiences you'll learn new ways of doing things but what you may not expect is for these things to become the norm. When asked to write about my changed perception of "home comforts" my brain immediately started confusing what was the standard before I left with the changes I've adapted to over the past few years. 


Dean Barnes | Reach to Teach
Living in Taiwan for three years has been such an amazing and enriching experience. I have been asked to write about how it has changed my home comforts, but what Taiwan has done is actually provided me with new home comforts I never had before.


Abigail Nedeau-Owen | Bodging for Apples II
When I was living in South Korea, heated floors made the cold winter nights cozy. If I were to build a house, I would insist on heated floors and a divot inside the doorway for shoes. 


Many thanks to the bloggers who contributed this month!

If you'd like to contribute to next month's Blog Carnival, please do contact Dean at dean@reachtoteachrecruiting.com. 

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