Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lazy phones

Lazy texting makes me super upset. My unreasonable hostility towards people who send me lazy texts is unreasonable. I simply appreciate receiving texts that the sender has obviously taken some time to devise. That extra attention and effort makes it a real conversation. For me, it's as simple as a smiley face or an exclamation point here and there to show your enthusiasm.

I'm not a huge texter, but I have had some great conversations with friends through tap-tapping those fine little letters on my iPhone. It's a fun way to keep in touch and recite random thoughts to friends and family -- when done correctly. A "rule girl" myself, I sometimes wish there was a texting etiquette course. But alas, similar to basic table manners, texting etiquette relies heavily on family life and context. Delivery and audience is important, too. It's a finicky mode of conversation with loads of personal expectations and flare.

Ah, technology. So complicated but fine like the occasional piece of dark chocolate.

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