Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stick Day

Stick Day and my school's English Festival fell on the same day this year. Stick Day or, November 11th (11-11) was described to me as Korea's very own Valentine's Day. Stick candy, or pepero, is the star of Stick Day -- "smooth chocolate attached to the fragrant biscuit."

I mistook the boxes and boxes of this stick candy at school for part of the English Festival festivities, and dare I say it was good planning that the two collided onto the same day (haha, planning in Korea). But the kids' moods were sugar-happy for the English Festival, which had been a hugely stressful two week process for me and my co-teacher.

So thank you, tasteless biscuit sticks dipped in chocolate. And Happy Korean Valentine's Day, all. I <3 you.

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