Monday, February 17, 2014

Catnaps in Korea

"Asian ability to sleep anywhere."

When I read this on one of my favorite travel blogs, I laughed out loud. Yeah, it's a pretty accurate description. Since living in an Asian country, I wonder just how this stereotype has been overlooked. There's some comedy gold where this goes.

It's not simply people sleeping on the soft grass in the park. It's not people napping on the lounge furniture at the spa. And it's not people snoring on buses or subway. It's the people zonked out on the tile floor of a busy cafeteria at the jjimjibang. The people asleep on a concrete wall in the middle of downtown Seoul. Those are the people that make sleeping anywhere an ability, a skill.
"Abby always falls asleep the
second we step onto the RER or metro"

I don't mean to brag, buuuut I've always been pretty amazing at sleeping. My bus ride home takes roughly 20 minutes, the perfect amount of time to be intellectually productive (read or listen to an educational podcast). Alas, how the story usually goes, I sleep. The bus makes an apparent left turn immediately before my stop. I've never missed it. Skill.

When I was about eight or nine, I was at a concert with my dad. I forget the particular piece that he was sure would "wake me up," but he did assure me it would. In the middle of the upbeat "crashing cymbals" and "banging drums" I closed my eyes and never looked back.

Fighting Bob Fest 2009. Freezing cold, rock hard bleachers. Squeezed in between my mom and dad, I had one of the best corn dogs and one of the best sleeps of my life.

These catnaps make life worth living. What is life without good, deep naps I ask you? Lesson learned and appreciated, Korea. Your move again.

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