Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nom is food

Today's lunch was amazinggggg. In order of appearance:

1. Yes yogurt drink
2. Let's do this hard boiled eggs
3. Get excited 만두 mandu (dumplings)
4. Kill me sweet potatoes rolled in 김 kim (seaweed), deep fried 
5. Talk to me 떡볶이 ddeokbokki that included little sausages and 오뎅 odeng (Korean "fish hot dogs")
6. The lovely 오뎅 odeng soup (오뎅국?) 
7. Starch me 밥 bap (rice) of course

The regular Korean teachers had a lunch meeting so I happily ate with the kids and the daycare teachers. I sat next to 진세훈, easily one of my favorite students -- I love hanging out with him. The atmosphere felt loose, the students taking more time than usual to eat. Watching little hands crack and peel hard boiled eggs is possibly the cutest egg-scenario out there.  

We teachers sipped on some after-lunch Japanese coffee, brewed in a big metal soup bowl and ladled out into the small paper coffee cups. They joked, we laughed, and I left the lunchroom with a plastic bag full off leftover hard boiled eggs, mandu, and fried kim rolls. Hello breakfast and dinner for the next few days :D 

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