Monday, April 28, 2014

Trick Eye & Ice Museum

I went to the Trick Eye Museum, and by extension the Ice Museum, with Anne and Rebecca a few weeks back. Located in young and hip Hongdae area, the days were still quite cold and the winter drear was at a maximum for me. The Trick Eye Museum mashed together great scenery with the joys of taking and looking at pictures of ourselves, and the visit gave me some much needed "Vitamin D." I was carefree and high on art, though I was still plenty awkward as I tried to coordinate my body into a good pose for each scene.


It was pretty awesome to be included in some of the paintings and ideas I had studied throughout my college art history classes. Much like the familiar voices on the podcasts I listen to, it was like seeing old friends. You again and I still don't know the date or period, plus or minus five years, in which you were created... Anne commented on how this was what they were talking about when art teachers taught perspective. The dimensionality of the paintings not only translate in the photographs; they also tricked me in the real space. It was a ton of fun!

The Ice Museum was an unexpected part of the ticket price and was basically walking into a giant walk-in freezer. For that, I was glad it was winter at the time because I had my coat and scarf and warm clothing on. Damn, it be cold in there haha. Which I suppose makes sense, but at the state fair, I'm never in the cooler with the cows carved out of butter... it was an interesting space complete with a large ice slide all the little kids (and we) were really excited about. Plus, I got a picture with the ice statue of a wax figure of S-A-N-T-A:

The Love Museum was on the floor above the Trick Eye and Ice Museum, which we figured was like the Trick Eye Museum only love themed. We weren't interested in wading through the couple crowd that day (or ever?) and happily went for dinner. I don't remember the name of the place but there was a large statue of a chicken wearing a cute hat outside the restaurant doors. I love Hongdae. It was great food -- I got a rice cheese one dish wonder.

Directions to the Trick Eye: 
[Subway] Hongik University, Exit 9. Walk straight about 150 meters to the next street. Cross the street and turn left (onto Hongik-ro Street). Walk straight for about 120 meters, taking the second right onto a side street (between Tonymoly and Holika Holika). Walk straight (~100m) and you should see the Trick Eye Museum in front of you.*
*Source Rebecca Therring

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