Sunday, April 27, 2014

School Feelings

Teaching is my teaching weakness. It's an inside joke with myself as I talk with other teachers and listen to their stories. But as I sit here and wrap up and bow tie twenty-nine mini Twix bars for my after school kids tomorrow, I'm thinking what a cool teacher I am. It is my secret plan to have the kids associate chocolate with English time, and I know that they'll be thrilled to get the little notes with my signature scrawled next to a heart.

It's been a tough two weeks for me at school. Mostly I've lately been struggling with my role in the teaching classroom, especially at my second school. Co-teaching is something that takes work; it's a partnership and I'm not sure everyone is meant to work well together. Throwback, but I must say how thankful I am for my time in the Dino Room. It was a subtle dynamic that made things work there, for me at least. Thank you Maggie, Steve, Preston, and Karli. 

Here are some shots of the "English Notebooks" I made a while back for my after school classes, along with the bow-tied treats. Paper and bookmaking heals all: 

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  1. Cool teacher, indeed! They will absolutely love the chocolates and notebooks; this is so great! I hope your students appreciate your efforts, creativity, and kindness - and say "thank you"! :)