Thursday, June 12, 2014

Open Class Success

"Hello, beautiful children!" I exclaimed to our 4-2 class yesterday as they came piling into the English room. My co-teacher SK fell to her knees laughing with good humor because we had just finished 4-1 open class with the principal.

I didn't think that I was nervous for this open class, but I had a pretty terrifying dream the night before about the computers not working, then not being able to find the right Powerpoint, and then the principal walking around the classroom pointing at the plants I forgot to water. I guess I am nervous I thought on the walk to school. 

SK and I did less "planning" together than I have in the past with other co-teachers, which I felt fit our personalities. I do sometimes wish there was more communication, but we have a good system that was reinforced by the high praise from the principal. It felt so good to hear that we did a good job. I was very happy and relieved for SK, too. She's been scrambling for the past few weeks, more than usual -- this class meant a lot for her professionally. 

As soon as the principal left the room, the air was light and we let out high-pitched gasps of glee. YES. WE DID IT. The 3-2 teacher then came in to ask how it went. Good, good, very good! The kids were great and SK is a top-notch teacher, truly one of the best. All was well and our second 4th grade class was just as successful as the first. I felt energized the rest of the day from the feedback and recognition. 

It was days like yesterday that made me think I could stay here for another year. Yesterday was a happy day. And I'm reminded of my role, especially on the bad days, by my students. Earlier this week I was outside by the pond when one of the third grade students ran up to me. A huge bee suddenly appeared and we both quickly and cautiously backtracked. "Oh, I don't like bees. Bees angry," she said. She's not the most outspoken student in class and I hadn't really ever heard her speak English. "Ugg, I don't like bees either," and we swapped bug bite histories.  


  1. Woo! This made me so happy! I'm really glad your Open Class went so well, congratulations!

    Mine's next week, haven't even seen the finished lesson plan yet - hah. : )

  2. Thank you, Rebe! I didn't see a lesson plan for this open class; we just spoke about it twice and there was still one surprise but I've gotten good at letting things roll down my back (Thanks, Korea!). You'll do great at your open class. I'm excited to hear about the craziness ^^ Hope you had a great, productive day yesterday :D