Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Lipstick & Music

This past school week, from Monday, not including Wednesday, I was so tired. And I blame the five-day weekend I had last week because it was cruel to come back to work from that. By Friday, basically every teacher who would normally talk to me told me how exhausted I looked, and I tried explaining my theory as to why (5-day weekend) to my co-teacher multiple times with no success, which made me even more tired - *breath* - it's a good theory I think. He would've applauded it I know it.

I powered through and after my last class of the week, I sank down into my chair and turned up the volume on my computer for a listen to one of my favorites: 

And then this today: 
Say what you will, these are awesome, plus a coat of lipstick to finish out my weekend. 

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