Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Week of Friends

This week, I had so many dinner dates and get togethers with friends. Friends from high school, college, and beyond. Now that I'm home from the last of these visits, I feel incredibly thankful for the time I had with them all. I do not think that any of us are really in the same place, and that is hard for me to grapple with sometimes, but I appreciate that we are willing to drag our butts out into the dark and cold that is winter to meet up and eat food.

I have always had trouble balancing social time with alone time, which makes that last part about the effort it takes to meet up with even the Best of Friends stand out more to me. The good things in life take effort and it is not always going to be something I particularly want to do at that exact moment in time. And just because I enjoy a certain amount of solitude does not mean I do not want friendship; living in Korea taught me that one for the last time. Also, That Effort is an important thing. Friendship by way of courtesy is not helping either party and is super exhausting.

So, I feel happy about this week. XOXO to all the friends out there.

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  1. Glad it was a happy friend week! Dragging your butt out into the dark and cold during a Wisconsin winter is a HUGE effort!