Thursday, September 5, 2013

Moving On

Moving on takes its toll on the body. The extra words and hugs, the well-wishes and promises to stay in touch. It is exhausting. The mental exhaustion creates the physical exhaustion. And then I just feel sad.

Saying good-bye to the Dinos - the kids, the parents, and the teachers I got to know and love - was tough. Good-byes have always been a struggle for me. A struggle to know how I am supposed to be feeling. I tend to take the "work through it" route. My last day is just like any other day; it's not special and I shouldn't act or feel any differently. I look the other way. 

But when I get home, take off my shoes, and settle down to recharge, it always hits me. The weight and significance of every hug, card, and the extra words - how much I am going to miss being one of the Dino teachers. With this transition, I feel that I am different. Teaching at CLP changed me. I feel better prepared for life, however grand and general that may sound. The laughs about a silly cow falling out of a truck, the excitement about seeing (and hearing) birds on a walk, and the frustration with snow pants (snow pants are the worst) made me braver, stronger, and more determined, in my own life. That's why I can do this. Why I am able to move on to the next phase in life: South Korea.

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