Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Morning calm and a slight upset stomach

At Chicago O'Hare

Standing and waiting for the check-in line to open. I'm feeling... a good okay. I'm attributing the upset stomach to nervousness, over tiredness, and a general anxiety just to get on the plane. I'm enjoying having my bags packed, and I must say, 360 wheels is the way to go. It was love at first sight when I saw the superiority of 360 degree wheeled luggage when traveling to France. It's been quite a thrill so far.

Reached my gate and really thinking about how sad it was to say goodbye to my mom and my dad and my little brothers and my friends. How sad it was to leave Madison, my home for the past six years. As I get older, those kinds of transitions get more real and much harder.

But looking ahead, I am very excited. My expectations are that it will be very difficult. The language barrier, the different cultural expectations of me as an ESL teacher and a young woman of Korean descent. My main goal is to live my life. Yes, this is an adventure of sorts. It's a grand opportunity to make good, honest money and travel, travel, travel. But for the next year, it is my life. This is what I decided to do, not out of necessity to pay for rent while I go to school, but out of sheer desire. That pretty much scares the crap out of me, and the perfectionist in me fears it could be a mistake, but a mistake about what? A mistake that I won't like it? My fears prove to be extremely flimsy and that fact coupled with all the research and personal accounts of teaching experiences and general Korean living fills me with strength. Listening to a mash up of Sara Bareilles' Brave and Katy Perry's Roar helps a lot, too.

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