Wednesday, April 17, 2013

As good as ever

Big accomplishment for the day: got the morning diapers done on schedule. A small feat, yes, but boy was that empowering. Also, kids are funny.

Things at Creative Learning are as good as ever.


That was about two weeks ago, and things are still going well. I like getting up for work every day and knowing the Dinos as they continue to grow into themselves. I could be happy working at CLP for a couple more years -- I'm learning an incredible amount about patience and how to be a good teacher (a preschool one anyway). My work ethic pushes me to want to take some classes and really be the best I can be for the kids. We recently had a "Stranger Danger" staff seminar of which there were power point slides that I got way too excited for. Eighteen years of schooling will do that I suppose. And I do like learning. That's why I'm so happy at CLP. Every day I go into work, I learn something new by seeing, watching, listening, and overall experiencing. I need that in my work I've discovered.

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