Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lena Dunham's "GIRLS"

HBO's "GIRLS" hits so many notes with me. Maybe it's just my status a twenty something trying to figure out my life. I suppose being a girl also helps me relate. It took a couple of episodes for me to warm up to the series because Lena Dunham writes up a complex set of characters. I find myself rooting for them and sharing in their celebrations. But the characters are also very unlikable and discouraging, as real people always are. They've got twisted ideas about relationships and what life is supposed to be. They mess up and do things I don't agree with. Their friendships are extremely intimate but complicated and wavering. They are confused yet confident about what they think they know. It's a real test to watch them to try to figure them out to align myself with them. Lena Dunham writes up a complex show.

The show is refreshing, shocking. Many of the scenarios are so offbeat, I wonder that Lena must have lived them or had a friend that did. How does she do it? How does one write a show with these characters that have such girth and oddities and are so believable? It's art.

That's not much of a review, but I needed to give the show a bit of a shout out.

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