Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Good cheese

When I first started working at CLP, getting to know the Dinos was easy. I'm comfortable around kids and my nurturing instincts are right on par. However, getting to know their parents? Awkward.

I'm pretty socially ungraceful. Put me in a situation with a group of people I don't know and you'll find me making friends with the food table. It's worked for me so far because usually someone has the same inclination. "That's some good cheese." "Yes, it sure is."

After bonding over refreshments, the conversation gradually gets easier and more interesting. I feel that's how it's been for me getting to know the Dino parents. In the beginning, I did have to remind myself that I'm adult, too. The Dino parents are closer to my age than my parents' age, which means... whoa. I'm getting old and legitimate. It was a small factor towards building that teacher-parent relationship - a personal factor at that - yet an important mental preparation point.

It's been fun and rewarding getting to know the parents by way of talking about their kids. They have some great kids, a great family dynamic, and I can't wait for some summer Dino fun.

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